As a trusted partner we help our Clients create and transform property in substantially less time; bringing value to projects and communities; delivering improved investment returns and enhancing the environment.


Time is critical to property developers and PT Blink is very fast. Reduced time increases returns (IRR) dramatically. Reduced time minimises the exposure to shifting markets, gets income streams flowing earlier and allows capital to be re-deployed to greater effect.

With the ability of PT Blink to unlock land value, developers can purchase difficult sites to their advantage.

Our authorised builders, will seamlessly implement the works in record time.


PT Blink collaborates widely with like minded architects, engineers, interior designers and town planners bringing technology and projects together in a team environment. Our technology is complimentary to these disciplines and we encourage designers to adopt it in order to gain new and varied income streams.

More projects for you, more quickly means more revenue.


Manufacturing in a factory environment is at the heart of time saving.

PT Blink places manufactured products right at the beginning of the design process and these products and innovations form the costing basis for each PT Blink project. Manufacturers and suppliers are actively encouraged to collaborate as early as possible with PT Blink to produce excellent outcomes.


The Empire State builders constructed a floor per day. We fully intend to do better, safely, using a modern approach combined with trusted principles.

Using our technology, authorised builders/integrators benefit from decreased construction time and increased profits. More projects can be done per annum with the same or less use of resources. A much more efficient, onsite implementation process is offered through PT Blink technology at less risk.

Property Managers

The ability of PT Blink technology to clear span over existing legacy structures and provide additional levels and apartments unlocks value for first home buyers or long term residents looking to capitalise on their investment.

This can be achieved very quickly.

We can act as a technology partner to guide ownership bodies through the financial and development process from start to finish.

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