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The construction industry is continually trying to address risks relating to delivery timeframes, cost versus budget, material wastage and levels of worker injury. Now there is a better way!

Murray Ellen, Founder, PT Blink
Sydney Olympic Stadium reconfiguration using post-tensioned steel technology by Murray Ellen
Sydney Olympic Stadium reconfiguration using post-tensioned steel technology by Murray Ellen

Our mission, vision and mantra

Our mission is to transform property development and operation through technology. Our vision is to achieve this at scale and amplify the benefits of the Blink DMI® method for the world. Our simple mantra keeps us focused – faster, safer, better with less waste!​

PT Blink is the result of more than 35 years of project work around the world by Founder and Executive Director Murray Ellen, a renowned structural engineer and a governor of Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at Sydney University.

Murray developed scalable building technology using a patented design algorithm and a unique post-tensioned steel backbone that enables long-span structures such as aircraft hangers and stadiums. The post-tensioned steel technology is the origin of the ‘PT’ in our name, while the ‘Blink’ refers to the speed of build that it enables.​

​Murray recognised the potential for his technology to transform multistorey construction. His goal was to achieve faster, safer and better building outcomes with less waste.

This could be achieved by enabling the building structure and non-structural components to be manufactured offsite with complete geometric accuracy and then integrated onsite to create the finished building. Critical was the ability to deliver the creative intent of the designer and enable any architecture – a challenge for existing volumetric modular construction solutions. Also, fundamental was the ability to deliver an open ecosystem of participants to enable the benefits to scale without limitation.​

Now a reality, the Blink DMI® method aims to reduce project time by at least 40% and, when used to its full potential, can almost double the internal rate of return for owners and developers. Most significant, are the potential long-tail impacts across the three key pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic impacts.​

Our impact

Social impacts

Social impacts

  • A much safer, more diverse and collaborative industry driven by knowledge and craft workers.

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing due to the reduction of risk, uncertainty and unfair behaviour driven by financially inequitable practices of traditional construction methods.

  • Significantly reduced ‘at height’ physical risk to construction personnel.

Environmental Impacts

Environmental impacts

  • Building and demolition waste currently accounts for more than 40% of landfill. Blink DMI® virtually eliminates waste and ensures a consistently high-quality product with customised design that integrates naturally with its environment and enables smart operations.

  • Blink DMI® enables design and manufacture down to a component levels based on a range of attributes including embodied carbon.

Economic impacts

Economic impacts

  • The Blink DMI® ecosystem and manufacturer marketplace can help reignite sovereign manufacturing and create new jobs with geographic distribution beyond capital cities.

  • Higher productivity means social housing and infrastructure projects can be delivered faster and with greater long-term value.

  • A higher return on investment and more efficient use of taxpayer funds for government projects.

Answering the property problem​

Property projects are often delivered late and over budget, with massive waste of time, money and materials. The construction industry is continually trying to manage these risks but change has been incremental. At the heart of these risks are decades old methodologies and fundamentally outdated technology platforms.

In fact, traditional construction methods deliver roughly the same low productivity levels as 80 years ago (McKinsey 2017) and cannot meet current or future demand. There is a better way.​

PT Blink is creating a unique technology platform and digital marketplace that enables the offsite manufacture of buildings rather than constructing them traditionally. PT Blink can minimise property project risks for owners and developers by bringing visibility, control, assurance and modern manufacturing precision to any property asset.

By licensing our technology platform and Blink Design - Manufacture - Integrate (Blink DMI®) method of project delivery, owners and developers will minimise the risk of time and cost overruns characteristic of traditional construction methods.​

​The proven Blink DMI® method also drastically improves worker safety, an issue that lies at the heart of construction risk today. Inaccuracy and waste are also significantly reduced through PT Blink’s unique parametric modelling, which makes millimetre-precise component manufacturing and mass customisation possible for any architectural design.​

Our values

These are the principles we live by, create by and hire by.

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  • We are driven by a responsibility to strive to eliminate risk and contribute to a sustainable property industry, now and into the future.

  • The three sustainability pillars of social, environmental and economic impacts are the foundation of our business, our technology and our operating plans.

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  • We are focussed on service excellence for our ecosystem members.

  • Anticipating their challenges and providing solutions guide our priorities and actions every day.

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  • We are inclusive, listen to and respect the contribution of others and create great career opportunities for all.

  • We are all encouraged to challenge status quo and are empowered and inspired to find new answers.

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  • We are creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds with deep expertise and a passion to make the world better.

  • We look at challenges differently and draw on our foundational principles to create innovative new value for our customers and the communities in which we work.

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  • We are always honest and trustworthy with strong moral principles and ethics.

  • Our reputation rests on our integrity and our reputation is our license to operate.

Our history

1990's - 2015Founder creates 25 long-span structures in Australia and overseas
Westpac Call Centre Queensland
Boeing Hangar, Amberley Airforce Base
Il Shun Factory, Beijing
ANZ Stadium Sydney
2016 - 2020PT Blink is formed. Designs and technology licenses are provided to owners and developers on a project basis.
Patents registered for Blink Backbone®
7 storey apartment building, Queensland
Multiplex, Brisbane
Ferrari Showroom, Brisbane
Patents registered for Blink DMI® Cube parametric design technology
Caboolture Aged Care & Commercial developments completed
2021 -Creates the Blink DMI™ platform and marketplace and expands operations
Gasworks carpark & office project commences, Tasmania
Western Sydney University innovation partnership
Holland Partner Group capital investment & licensing agreement USA
Flag Lot Apartments USA design study commences
First release of Blink DMI™ technology platform (In progress)
USA presence (In progress)
NZ presence (In progress)
Our People

With a passion to make a difference and deep experience in technology, engineering and construction businesses, our people lead our business with steady hands.

Our Board
Murray Ellen
Murray EllenFounder, Executive Chairman
Grant Ure
Grant UreCTO, Executive Director
Brett Crowley
Brett CrowleyCompany Secretary, Non Executive Director
Our Team
Wayne Larsen
Wayne LarsenChief Executive Officer
Paul Kouppas​
Paul Kouppas​Director – Product Innovation​
Victor Martinez​
Victor Martinez​Lead Software Developer/Computational Designer
Andrew Giles
Andrew GilesDirector Marketing & Comms
Richard Sharps
Richard SharpsChief Financial Officer
Rameshwar Prasad​
Rameshwar Prasad​Snr Structural & Technology Engineer​
Anirudha Agara​
Anirudha Agara​Computational Designer​

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