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Powered by our proprietary Blink DMI® Cube parametric interface and design tool, the Blink DMI® platform we are creating connects and coordinates all members of the ecosystem throughout a project. The platform serves as a single source of truth throughout development and into the operational life of building, with a digital twin remaining the source of information for smart operation.​

Green checkmark iconSingle source of truth with a digital twin​
Green checkmark iconEnables complete dimensional accuracy​
Green checkmark iconCustomised components for any design​
Green checkmark iconOpen manufacturer marketplace​

Our Blink DMI® Cube enables the design and manufacture of the kit of customised parametric components that are made available as a product catalogue for use by our ecosystem. These components include structural elements such as the post-tensioned steel Blink Backbone® and non-structural elements such as façades, walls, windows and stairs.​

The platform is open to accredited Blink DMI® partners to maximise design and structural options, achieve scale and geographic distribution, and to enable manufacturers to register and earn from their own intellectual property.​

​Component transactions are performed on an open marketplace. Once accredited anyone can participate and sell directly to the market.​

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DMI Platform

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Parametric interface

PT Blink’s patented Blink DMI™ Cube drives and coordinates the ecosystem with powerful design tools that build a catalogue of components

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Parametric Components

Parametric components

The catalogue of structural and non-structural components can be configured to achieve any shape building while achieving complete dimensional accuracy.

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Manufacturer marketplace

An open marketplace enables direct dealing between buyers and sellers for transparent chain of custody and reduced layers of margin.

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