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Blink DMI™ creates a direct linkage between manufacturers of building components and the owners or developers of property. Facilitating the transactional aspects of the platform, the manufacturer marketplace we are creating provides a platform for transparent and risk-free procurement of building components. Dealing direct eliminates multiple layers of wasteful and unnecessary compounded margins and generates business opportunities for component suppliers.

An open marketplace

PT Blink is establishing a growing panel of accredited manufacturers to join the online component marketplace. As an open marketplace, anyone can join and participate once accredited in the  Blink DMI™  method and subscribed to the platform.

The marketplace benefits both owners and developers and the participating manufacturers. For owners and developers, the benefits include transparency of transaction, certainty of delivery, quality assurance and reduced costs as a result of direct dealings eliminating layers of compounded margin. Moreover, chain of title is managed simply and easily through the platform and is visible in the digital twin. 

For manufacturers, the marketplace opens a world of business opportunity and collaboration through visibility as a supplier within the components catalogue. As the Blink DMI™ ecosystem and marketplace scales, so will the opportunity to transact with and supply components to owners and developers subscribing to the platform. Moreover, there will also be opportunity to proactively collaborate with designers and integrators to pitch the Blink DMI™  method to DA-approved projects and supply components.

The Blink DMI™  method is open to any applicable structural systems to cater broadly to project needs with specific performance attributes. Manufacturers can receive Blink DMI™ accreditation for their system IP and contribute to the catalogue of parts to earn from their technology.

Integrated experience

The transaction is an extension of the design experience. Once the design is completed, the digital twin is essentially a record of components with specific suppliers. A familiar shopping cart checkout experience completes the transaction and sends the executable order to the manufacturer with the digital models and files to enable automated manufacturing of the component parts. 

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DMI Platform

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Parametric interface

PT Blink’s patented Blink DMI™ Cube drives and coordinates the ecosystem with powerful design tools that build a catalogue of components

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Parametric Components

Parametric components

The catalogue of structural and non-structural components can be configured to achieve any shape building while achieving complete dimensional accuracy.

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