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Blink DMI® Partners

The open nature of the Blink DMI® platform we are creating encourages a local but scalable community of accredited participants that bring expertise in specific areas and benefit from working together on projects. The platform is an enabler of Blink DMI® projects and also a source of opportunity for Blink DMI® partners to find projects and develop cooperative relationships.

Designers - architects and engineers

The Blink DMI® methodology places design at the heart of the process and our computational design tools empower designers of all disciplines. Whether your specialty is structural steel, cross-laminated timber or composite material, the Blink DMI® design and collaboration platform will ensure the integrity of your design right through the process. Architects and engineers complete 100% of the project design upfront. Detailing and construction workflow are automated and accelerated by the Blink DMI® Cube and design clashes or planning issues are identified early and resolved pre-construction using the digital twin.

The tools within the Blink DMI® Cube will dramatically accelerate the design cycle, reduce costly errors and enable improved outcomes with continuous, iterative design improvements.

While benefiting from the efficiency of AI in design and the use of repeatable components in manufacture, with Blink DMI® your creativity is unencumbered and enables the freedom to achieve any architecture. Access to a fast and efficient design tool and a growing ecosystem of manufacturers and integrators will mean more jobs more often for design partners.

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Manufacturers - Structure and component suppliers

For manufacturers, the Blink DMI® platform we are creating gives you control, visibility, IP protection, parametric manufacturing and a new world-wide marketplace to transact your product directly with the end user.  As a member of a diversified and localised network of highly skilled manufacturers you gain access to property projects via the design tool. When joining the platform, manufacturers digitise their products and ‘publish’ them to the Blink DMI® Cube as a parametric catalogue of components. This catalogue places the manufactured components right at the beginning of the design process and they form the cost basis for each project.

PT Blink is actively registering manufacturers to join the ecosystem and accelerate the digitisation of their product portfolio for inclusion in the catalogue. With Blink DMI®, value goes to the value creators who transact directly with the owner or developer via the platform. As an open ecosystem, PT Blink welcomes structural system manufacturers to register and earn from their own IP once accredited to use the Blink DMI® methodology.

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Integrators - builders

Using Blink DMI®, accredited integrators benefit from decreased construction time, increased profits and much less risk of injury. The ecosystem will also provide a partnership network and pipeline of future projects.

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