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Time is the most undervalued commodity in property projects today. With Blink DMI™, you can minimise the risks of time and budget blowouts, realise your asset value sooner and enjoy benefits throughout the building’s operating life.

Property owners 

With Blink DMI™ you can create and transform property in substantially less time, bringing value to projects and communities, delivering improved investment returns and enhancing the environment.

The benefits continue into the operation phase of the building, with the digital twin providing valuable information down to the component level.

Attributes including embodied carbon and energy consumption are locked into the twin at the design phase, as is all documentation. Internet of Things (IoT) devices included in the components provide information throughout the operational phase and, with every component precisely catalogued, recycling and redeployment of materials minimises waste at end of life.

Property owners -

Property developers

As a developer, you know that time is critical. True to our name, Blink DMI® is very fast and can reduce project time by at least 40%.

Reduced time increases internal rates of return (IRR) dramatically, minimises exposure to shifting markets and gets income streams flowing earlier. With the ability of Blink DMI® to unlock land value, you can purchase difficult sites to your advantage or take advantage of air rights.

Accredited builders – including your own – can seamlessly implement the works in record time. Blink DMI® also enables you to achieve early compliance with building and energy codes, a complete bill of materials up front, and an efficient process that facilitates a faster path to estimates, feasibility and permitting.

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The benefits to property owners and developers include:


  • Project time can decrease by up to 40%

  • Redeploy capital sooner and IRR can increase 20-50%

  • Achieve previously cost-prohibitive developments

  • Realise income streams much earlier


  • Safe by design at all stages

  • Manufactured in controlled environments

  • Reduced building time and fewer trades on site

  • See before you build with 3D virtual reality ‘Tool box’ meetings


  • Greater dimensional accuracy through offsite manufacturing

  • Creative freedom for any architectural design

  • Components viewable in the factory before you buy

  • See how accredited integrators join components together – approved by insurers – before any site works

Less waste

  • 40-60% of landfill is construction and demolition waste. Lean manufacturing  yields less than 1.5%

  • Precise design means if you don’t make it you don’t waste it

  • No on-site skip bins

  • Accredited manufacturers incorporate recycled materials

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