Manufacturers - Top 5 reasons to be a Blink DMI® partner

Wayne Larsen, PT Blink’s COO, discusses the Top 5 benefits to manufacturers when becoming a Blink DMI® partner

Andrew Giles11 July 2023

PT Blink is creating an ecosystem that connects property owners and developers with Blink DMI® partners to deliver the end-to-end property project. 

Priority registrations are now open for manufacturers to join our manufacturer marketplace and take advantage of all the benefits that are available.

Wayne Larsen, PT Blink’s Chief Operating Officer, discusses the Top 5 reasons to be a Blink DMI® partner. 

Q: Wayne, first off, what kind of manufacturers are you looking to have on the marketplace? 

WL: We’re looking for manufacturers to produce the following components:  

  • Structural systems 

  • Bathroom pods 

  • Façade systems 

  • MEPF (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing and Fire Fighting) cassettes and service risers  

  • Internal partition walls  

  • Stairs 

Q: What are the top five reasons to be a Blink DMI® manufacturing partner? 

WL: Okay, let’s list them off: 

1) Increased business opportunities  

 As an accredited Blink DMI® ecosystem partner, your products will be part of the component catalogue from which designers will select and plug into the backbone system. That means you are involved right at the beginning of the design process. The innovative software platform enables the parametric design to conform to any architecture, giving us the edge over other prefab options, which are governed by various design constraints. In addition to directing the manufacturing process, the design creates a shopping cart which is then transacted via the marketplace.

The platform also gives you visibility to the potential market of DA approvals in your area, allowing you to proactively seek out new business opportunities. 

 2) Move up the value chain and earn from your IP 

As an accredited Blink DMI® ecosystem partner, you are higher up the value chain since the supply of components is directly to owners and developers subscribing to the platform. There’s no middlemen and no main contractors, so layers of margin and uncertainty are removed. 

The manufacturer marketplace is open so you can earn from your ability to provide product-based solutions. PT Blink is also open to using of other structural systems in addition to the Blink Backbone® in order to meet specific performance attributes. As long as geometric precision is at the core and you are accredited in our methodology, the opportunity is there to be rewarded for your IP. 

3) Better cash flow though procurement 

PT Blink enables you to transact directly with the owners and developers through our marketplace. This gives you visibility and control, unlike traditional construction procurement processes involving a main contractor. Once design is complete, a digital twin instructs the manufacture and integration phases, tracking all information down to a component level, including chain of custody, warranty and compliance.

Tag-and-trace technology enables verification of the manufactured components administered electronically against smart contracts extracted directly from the digital twin. This technology is then able to facilitate the transfer of title and initiate payment of the components when they are completed. 

4) Decreased rework and increased productivity  

Your manufacturing components are selected from the Blink DMI® Cube digital catalogue to incorporate into the design at the beginning of the process. This means designers are not trying to shoehorn your system into a developed design; resulting either in costly rework or simply not being able to use your product.

The application of proprietary algorithms within the parametric tool means that complete geometric accuracy is achieved through every stage: Design–Manufacture–Integrate. Right first time and on time.     

The parametric modelling not only enables a high degree of accuracy to be achieved but also the application of manufacturing processes to construction. As a result, productivity gains are increased and waste is reduced – both procedural and physical – at every stage.   

5) Headache removal 

Construction is typically associated with high risk and therefore can be an extremely stressful environment in which to do business. As a manufacturer, being involved right at the beginning of the design process rather than being brought in late simplifies, clarifies and reduces uncertainty.  

The parametric modelling guarantees complete geometric accuracy and resolves the connection and interface details thereby de-risking the process and providing certainty. 

 Transparency and visibility are often absent in traditional construction procurement with late payments causing cash flow issues and disputes. As the manufacturers transact directly with the owners and developers, there is complete visibility and control. Also, the PT Blink technology enables the use of smart contracts to ensure timely payments are made, even when the components are offsite. The transfer of title upon payment means that the provision of costly securities is not necessary. 

Register to join the manufacturer marketplace.

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