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PT Blink enables the flexible design, offsite manufacture and onsite integration of multi-storey buildings.

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Design, Manufacture, Integrate

Using the Blink DMI® method minimises property project risks for owners and developers by bringing visibility, control, assurance and modern manufacturing precision to any property asset. ​

DMI Process

DMI Process

With the unique Blink DMI® process, owners and developers deliver multistorey buildings as a kit of configurable parts that are manufactured offsite and integrated very quickly and safely onsite by ecosystem partners.

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DMI Platform

DMI Platform and marketplace

The platform will connect and coordinate all members of the ecosystem throughout a Blink DMI® project. Powered by our proprietary Blink DMI® Cube parametric interface and design tool, it will ensure complete geometric accuracy while enabling creative freedom for any design.​

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DMI Ecosystem

DMI Ecosystem

The Blink DMI® ecosystem comprises all users of the technology platform in the delivery of a property project including:​​

  • Owners and developers​

  • Blink DMI® Partners

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Our technology in action

See how PT Blink’s technology is transforming property asset development.

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Queensland, Australia

The Fells Apartments

  • Green checkmark icon7 floors of the superstructure built in 11 days
  • Green checkmark iconTotal project time reduced from 16 to 8 months


Holland Partner Group
"PT Blink’s technology is allowing us to overcome significant site constraints including seismic stability and building over existing assets to access available air space in a prime location."
Holland Partner Group​
Entice Projects logo
"Using PT Blink’s structural technology and Blink DMI® process reduced our overall build program by 8 months, which saved us money and allowed us to generate a return on investment that much sooner."
Entice Projects​
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