PT Blink is driving building industry transformation through the use of design, manufacture, assembly and integration methods that deliver dimensionally controlled processes and structures in significantly less time resulting in measurable downstream productivity gains for all stakeholders on a project.

The innovative software platform and business process is fully supported by a range of integrated technology solutions specifically tailored for the building industry, leading with the PT Blink building methodology and including global partners such as Trimble Inc.

PT Blink Platform

PT Blink technology empowers the design of multi-storey structures for offsite manufacture and integrated onsite assembly, substantially reducing delivery time and cost.

We create spaces beyond the reach of traditional engineering no matter how tall, how difficult or how complex. PT Blink Technology is developed in Australia and owned by Australians. Our technology is applicable worldwide and benefits local communities, local industry, local manufacturers and the local environment.

We believe that time is the most undervalued commodity in the property and construction industry today. It’s time to change. Reducing time delivers much higher returns, much greater productivity and a much safer environment.

Tray Technology

Patent protected post-tensioned tray technology lies at the heart of the PT Blink backbone. PT Blink fully integrates safety, reinforcement, building services and penetrations into the trays ensuring significantly faster and safer floor installation cycles.

3D Tekla Modelling 

The entire structural backbone is conceived and modelled with industry leading Tekla software which empowers robotic automated manufacture. This creates a self-aligning post tensioned steel backbone that provides a composite steel/concrete structure to tolerances of +/- 5 mm.

PT Blink Ecosystem

PT Blink is building an ecosystem that brings together all of the stakeholders in a DMI project. The ecosystem fosters collaboration and data sharing across all aspects of the development cycle, from designers, manufacturers and component suppliers, through to integrators and on to facilities management services.

The PT Blink ecosystem empowers local manufacturers and supply chain partners to provide componentry including bathroom pods, facades, elevators, MEP units and wall systems. Partner designs are validated and approved for use on the PT Blink platform and then become available to the ecosystem.

PT Cube

At the heart of the ecosystem and sitting behind it is the PT Cube.

PT Blink ecosystem partners make their components available to the PT Blink community by ‘publishing’ them to the PT Blink design and collaboration hub, using a set of services and algorithms collectively referred to as the PT Cube.

Using PT Cube services, designers are able to select from a wide range of pre-authorised components, from a qualified selection of suppliers and ‘plug’ the selected component into the PT Blink backbone. This provides enormous flexibility, greater choice and drives down cost.

Manufacturing efficiencies for all components are realised which dramatically decreases the dependency on site-based trades and dramatically increases management control and quality. The inefficiencies of a traditional construction project are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Safety Through Design

From inception all PT Blink solutions are designed to be safe. Safe access is designed. Safe lifting is designed. All work methodology is modelled and designed around safety. Our supply chain partners are integrally involved in the design and implementation of safety. For each project a safety design manual is developed and signed off by all parties.

Building Services

Integrated building services complete with fire collars minimise site-based trade interface and increase tolerances and build quality and safety. 

Digital coordination allows clash resolution in the factory prior to manufacture and shipping.

Materials Handling

Tag and trace technology from design through procurement, manufacture, shipping and delivery allows real-time inventory control and just in time delivery on PT Blink projects.

Code Compliance

PT Blink solutions comply with relevant local and international codes throughout the world. For each project a Code Compliance document is produced for the appropriate jurisdiction and is signed off by architects, engineers and other consultants prior to manufacture.

Seismic Performance

PT Blink technology offers excellent response behavior in the event of earthquakes. This is due to the greater ductility offered by the use of post-tensioned steel (please click ‘Read more’ below to see our published paper).

This technology allows structures to deflect significantly without failure. By way of comparison to concrete structures, PT Blink solutions are often half the weight which halves the applied earthquake forces. A similar comparison to conventional steel structures gives 30% less earthquake forces. PT Blink solutions also remain well suited to foundation isolation systems or upper storey damping mechanisms.

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