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PT Blink’s offsite manufacturing partner network overcomes traditional construction’s reliance on unsafe and slow site works, delays dues to rework, and other costs resulting from supplier fragmentation and compounded margins.

Manufacturing for installation through PT Blink’s accredited partners and transactional marketplace (manufacturer registrations now open) allows complete integration and transparency for platform users, including direct transfer of ownership down to a single component level. Precise inventory control, just-in-time delivery and complete dimensional accuracy lead to a seamless process and assurance in terms of time, cost and quality. Coordinated via the Blink DMI® platform, the manufacture of the building structure can occur concurrently with non-structural components such as facades, interior modules, finishing elements including ceilings, and building services assemblies. This approach drastically reduces project time by removing the superstructure from the critical path.

Accredited manufacturer partner network

  • PT Blink’s ecosystem of accredited manufacturing partners develop the Blink Backbone® and components that integrate seamlessly with them.

  • Advanced robotic technologies are used to manufacture the Blink Backbone® directly off the 3D model.

  • Point cloud technology is used to scan manufactured components and compare their geometric integrity against the design model.

Just in time production schedule

  • After the design and full digital clash detection have been completed, manufacturing of building components commences in parallel with the Blink Backbone®.

  • Manufacturers develop fully detailed 3D models of their components to integrate seamlessly with the Blink  Backbone® and other manufactured components.

  • Components are manufactured in line with the integration schedule to accelerate the project program.

Centralised control via the digital twin

  • The procurement of manufactured components is verified and tracked electronically against smart contracts derived directly from the digital twin.

  • This technology facilitates the transfer of title and initiates payment of components down to the unit level.

  • Product documentation including testing, certification, warranties and source are captured in the digital twin for full traceability and future reference

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Computer design for manufacture enables speed, accuracy and compliance. Clashes are detected and rectified in the software.

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Removing the structure from the critical path, integration takes place earlier and much faster as services are built into components.

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