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Design leads the integrated Blink DMI® process. Centrally coordinated, the process ensures that as-built is as-designed with the digital twin driving manufacture and integration.

This is unlike traditional building methods, where construction often commences before the design is fully resolved and complete. This can lead to design and program changes throughout the construction phase.

AI-assisted concept design overlay

  • Overlay PT Blink geometry on any architecture, placing the backbone trays, blades and columns.

  • Conduct detailed structural analysis using high-powered design software.

  • Automated design takes care of the grunt work to allow architects and engineers to focus on creativity.

  • Identify manufacturers of structural and non-structural components and use their performance designs.

Detailed design in hours not days

  • Use the menu interface to detail the whole backbone project in hours not days.

  • Add all non-structural components such as stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, façades, air conditioning, walls, ceilings and windows.

  • Receive component manufacturers’ 3D models, time schedules, costs and warrantees.

  • Commence code compliance.

Fully compliant design for manufacture

  • Add site works and trades

  • Test non-structural components for fit and produce the final backbone ready for manufacture

  • Achieve a fully compliant design to Australian and international standards and building codes

  • Digital twin is ready


The benefits of a design-led process:

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The Blink DMI™ method has safety built in from the Design stage. All work methodology is modelled and designed around safety. Our ecosystem partners are integrally involved in the design and implementation of safety. For each project, a safety design manual is developed the licensed engineer and signed off by all parties.

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With Blink DMI™,  as-designed is as-built. PT Blink solutions comply with relevant local and international codes throughout the world. For each project a code compliance document is produced for the appropriate jurisdiction and is signed off by architects, engineers and other consultants prior to manufacture.

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Tag and trace technology from design through to procurement, manufacture, shipping and delivery allows real-time inventory control and just in time delivery.

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Building services are designed into componentry for manufacture. Integrated building services complete with fire collars minimise site-based trade interface and increase tolerances, build quality & safety. Digital coordination allows clash resolution in the factory prior to manufacture and shipping.

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Design - Manufacture - Integrate



Concurrent manufacture of the structure and components slashes project time while reducing waste and injury.

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Removing the structure from the critical path, integration takes place earlier and much faster as services are built into components.

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