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Time is money. Read this interview and watch Murray Ellen – the founder of PT Blink – interviewed by Channel 9 News in Australia

Andrew Giles1 December 2021

Time is money as the saying goes, and never more so than in the case of the construction industry. In fact, according to Murray Ellen – the founder of PT Blink – time is the most undervalued commodity in construction.

It was this thinking that led to the genesis of PT Blink and the unique Blink DMI™ method of constructing multistorey buildings very quickly from a kit of configurable components. 

Blink and it’s done! 

How much time does PT Blink save? 

The short answer is at least 30-40% of total project time. 

This was the case back in 2017 when we did The Fells Apartments in Spring Hill, Queensland and that was just using Blink DMI™ for the structural backbone.

We shaved 5 months off the project and enabled the 7-storey backbone to go up in just 11 days. Used to full effect, our method optimises the design, manufacture and integration of all components – structural and non-structural – and that’s when we can see additional time savings. 

Why do you say time is the most underrated commodity in construction? 

Because labour productivity is simply not improving. Independent analyst reports peg global labour productivity growth in construction at an average of just 1% annually over the past 20 years, compared with 2.8% for the total world economy and 3.6% for manufacturing. 

The ramifications of this low productivity across the industry, society and the economy are huge. We know there is a better way by using technology to fundamentally change the end-to-end building process rather than just trying to optimise the way things are currently done through various point solutions. 

What are the benefits of time savings? 

For owners and developers, if you consider the time value of money, then we can nearly double their internal rate of return. Shorter project time means less time paying interest, faster time to collect a return on investment and less risk exposure to things like market shifts. 

General contractors have not thought much about time in the past but those with a progressive mindset are quickly realising that, with Blink DMI™ potentially halving the project time, they can do twice as many jobs. 

For society and the economy at large, when you apply these benefits at scale, we can address a range of sustainability issues including meeting demand for social and more affordable housing. Shorter time equates to lower cost and according to the Global Economic Forum a 1% reduction in construction costs would save US $100 billion annually

How do you save so much time? 

Our starting point was to address all the persistent issues with the traditional design and construct method which all add up to waste – waste of time, waste of money, waste of resources and, unfortunately waste of life through high rates of injury. 

We provide technology that enables clients to apply Blink DMI™ – a cohesive method of design for offsite construction and onsite integration – using lean manufacturing and a horizontally integrated supply chain.  

Our Blink DMI™ method is design led and is supported by time-saving tools that enhance creativity but ensure complete accuracy and detect clashes in design. Removing rework down the track saves a huge amount of time and cost which is often hidden in traditional construction. With us, the design is right and directly instructs our manufacturing partners, with the digital twin a single source of truth and accuracy. As built is literally as designed. 

Using our Blink Backbone™ structural technology enables architectural freedom for any design, a precise geometric reference point and the ability to create buildings without a core. This removes the superstructure from the critical path and eliminates it as a roadblock. The superstructure and all other components can be created concurrently and integrated very fast using just-in-time principles with fewer trades on site. Faster, safer, better and less waste! 

What makes PT Blink unique? 

First is the flexibility of our technology. We can work with clients’ completed designs and literally Blink their project by running the design data through our platform to tell them exactly how they can build 40% faster

Secondly, we deliver time and cost savings through our Blink DMI™ methodology, but we are creating a horizontally integrated partner ecosystem of approved designers, manufacturers and integrators. This includes creating a manufacturer marketplace which allows manufacturers to digitise their products and add them to the design catalogue and transact directly with clients. The ecosystem is open so, once accredited, anyone can participate including clients’ existing partners.  

We see ourselves as the antidote to vertical-integration construction and we are on a mission to contribute to a rebuilding of sovereign manufacturing capability. Our technology pulls together all the manufacturers on one platform, for the benefit or property owners and developers as well as supply chain partners. 

Are there any limits to your method? 

We don’t believe so. Our unique technology enables any architecture and is well suited to tricky developments out of reach to traditional construction because they are cost prohibitive. In some cases, clients choose Blink DMI™ because the job can’t be done any other way. Our seismic stability benefits are another reason as is our ability to take advantage of air rights or build over existing assets, such as heritage properties. 

How do clients work with PT Blink’s technology? 

We are creating our cloud-based platform and marketplace and are also engaged by clients as technology partners while this takes place. We work with client teams running the design work and feasibility for them, we license our technology and we manually administer the Blink DMI™ process though our partners.  

We love a challenge and the opportunity to run projects through our technology and surprise people by what’s possible when we Blink it! 

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