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PT Blink draws a crowd at Sydney Build Expo 2022

The PT Blink team spent two action-packed days hosting demonstrations and introducing likeminded people the Blink DMI™ process.

Andrew Giles6 June 2022
The PT Blink stand

PT Blink was on show at the Sydney Build Expo from 1-2 June at the Sydney ICC, featuring the company’s unique Blink DMI™ methodology and open ecosystem approach to manufacturing buildings from configurable components. The showcase included an interactive experience of the coordinated Design-Manufacture-Integrate methodology, which combined a 3D-printed Blink Backbone™ and augmented reality elements to integrate components and complete the building.

“After the Covid-induced hiatus it was great to connect with the AEC community face-to-face again and demonstrate how we have evolved over that time," says Ashley Brinson, CEO of PT Blink. "We were bustling for two days and thrilled with the response from people wanting to be part of our ecosystem and take advantage of the myriad benefits of 'Blinking' a development rather than building it traditionally."

PT Blink currently licenses its proprietary structural backbone and algorithm technology for project work in Australia and the United States, and is preparing a cloud-based platform and marketplace to enable a collaborative ecosystem to deliver property assets at scale.

"We had dozens of conversations and registrations of interest from likeminded people who want to embrace the environmental, social and economic benefits of Blink DMI™ and join an open, collaborative ecosystem in preparation for the launch of our cloud-based platform and marketplace."

“For of property we minimise project risk by enabling a faster, safer, better and less wasteful methodology. For on the supply side, we create an open and transparent platform to work collaboratively and profitably together."

"We want to thank all those who visited and registered interest with us and we look forward to continuing the conversation," says Ashley.

for anyone interested in becoming a Blink DMI™ Partner and growing their business with us.

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