PT Blink is offering a select group of like-minded designers the opportunity to accelerate your design process using our computational design tools. You will also gain access to the PT Blink Cube – our collaborative Design, Manufacture, Integrate platform.

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Design Lead Process

PT Blink’s DMI methodology places design at the heart of the process. We are building computational design tools that empower designers of all disciplines.

Whether your specialty is structural steel, CLT or composite material, the PT Blink design and collaboration platform ensures the integrity of your design right through the process – from design through to manufacture and on to integration.

100% of the project design is completed upfront by the Architects and Engineers. Detailing and Construction workflow are automated and accelerated by the PT Cube.

Planning issues are resolved pre-construction using the shared 3D project model in the PT Cube.

Open Platform

The open nature of the PT Blink DMI Platform encourages a local community of participants that bring expertise in specific areas. From structural design and engineering, to interior and exterior component design through to manufacture, the platform is designed to accommodate multiple stakeholders in a collaborative ‘design to manufacture’ process.

PT Blink software automates the process required to overlay a PT Blink structure onto any architectural design. Our software eliminates complexity, providing a parameterised interface that allows creation of a structural design rapidly and easily.

Design Ecosystem

PT Blink ecosystem design partners make their designs available to the PT Blink community by ‘publishing’ them to the PT Blink design and collaboration hub, using a set of services and algorithms collectively referred to as the PT Cube.

Using PT Cube services, designers and engineers are able to work with a wide range of pre-authorised components, from a qualified selection of suppliers and ‘plug’ the selected component into their design. This provides enormous flexibility, greater choice and drives down cost.

An opportunity to be a part of something that will change the way property is delivered

Design automation software that simplifies and accelerates the design timeline

  • Parametric software to design with geometric accuracy
  • Integrated with Tekla Structures (Revit and Rhino coming soon)
  • Structural analysis and refinement

Design Coordination via the PT Blink CUBE

  • Coordinated digital twin
  • Structure coordinated with other DMI component designs
  • Fully embedded data that will stay with the building

Ecosystem of licensed partners

  • Only approved partners will have access to the PT Blink platform
  • Opportunity to be an early adopter