The PT Blink Process fundamentally changes this to Design, Manufacture and Integrate (DMI). All components are manufactured offsite, checked for fit using our software and physical testing and fitted together onsite by a PT Blink accredited Integrator. No conflict. No blame. Less risk.

At PT Blink, every discipline designs for manufacturing and integration. By designing for manufacturing and integration, PT Blink is able to maximize speed and reduce costs, while maintaining the ability to configure the final product for a wide range of design expressions.

Buildings designed with PT Blink technology are a vehicle for new value creation – at every scale of building product, and every step of the development process, from conceptual design to engineering, supply chain, off-site manufacturing, and final onsite integration.

Building Platform Features

  • Reduced Waste and Improved Efficiency
  • Earlier Cost Visibility
  • Faster Feasibility and Entitlement Packages
  • Reduced Number of Parts
  • Maximized Factory Completion vs. On-site


PT Blink Building Platforms take the risk out of construction by applying the principles of manufacturing to entire buildings which are made from manufactured assemblies and components. Our expert HUB Team who cover all disciplines will engage with you and the needs of your development and business operating model. We work with you applying our patented technologies creating and realising tangible value.

PT Blink’s model allows integrated teams to standardize core building architectural and engineering systems, while still offering a wide range of configurable design elements. This approach offers clients the speed and risk assurance advantages of a repeatable product, while retaining the design freedom needed to support each demographic, site, and region.

Advantages of PT Blink’s building platform include compliance with building and energy codes, a complete bill of materials up front, and an efficient process that enables a faster path to early estimates, feasibility, permitting, manufacturing, assembly, integration and delivery.


We apply technology, either to existing designs or opportunities, designing for manufacture, to realise the identified value. Tekla modelling and coordination allows automated manufacture 24 x 7 x 365.

  • Detailed Structural analysis using high powered design software and strong automated design capability.
  • Fully compliant design to Australian & International Standards & Building Codes. 
  • Compliant Acoustic and Fire Engineering design.
  • Highly accurate 3D model which is sent directly to robotic manufacturers.

  • Highly efficient modelling process utilising customized automation and parametric algorithms.

  • Resulting in a millimeter accurate digital twin of the building structure.

  • Full BIM coordination capability and ability to incorporate additional offsite manufacturing components such as Services, Façade, Internal Partitions, Stairs, Lifts and more.


Manufacturing for installation through an integrated manufacturing network, allows precise inventory control, just in time delivery, and manufacturing of all components of the building including facade elements, interior modules, finishing elements including ceiling, and building services assemblies to fine quality, precision tolerance and highest safety performance.

  • PT Blink has a panel of approved manufacturing partners that collaborate to develop products that integrate seamlessly with the PT Blink backbone.
  • Manufacturing partners are licensed to participate on the PT Blink platform and provide a revenue stream to PT Blink through a commission model.
  • Advanced robotic technologies utilised to manufacture the PT Blink backbone components directly off the 3D model.
  • Point cloud technology is used to scan manufactured components and compare their geometric integrity against the design model.
  • After the design and full digital clash detection has been completed, manufacturing of building components commence in parallel to the PT Blink backbone.
  • Manufacturers develop fully detailed 3D models of their components to coordinate with the PT Blink backbone and other manufactured components.
  • Components are manufactured in line with the integration schedule to accelerate the project program.
  • The procurement of manufactured components can be verified and tracked electronically against smart contracts derived directly from the digital twin.
  • This technology can facilitate the transfer of title and initiate payment of components down to the unit level.
  • Product documentation including testing, certification, warranties and source are captured in the digital twin for full traceability and future reference.


The PT Blink approach fundamentally changes traditional perceptions of the term ‘Builder’. The final step in the PT Blink process is ‘Integrate’. On-site integration of manufactured components is a disruptive and importantly, modern way of thinking about what a traditional builder does. Integrators are the ‘new-age’ builders. Sophisticated material handling with componentry designed and manufactured specifically for assembly, minimises component quantities. This enables faster and safer construction, often without the use of tower cranes, scaffold and traditional site-based trades, which are relocated into a safer, cleaner factory environment.

  • PT Blink works with valued Build Partners to engage and qualify our manufacturing panel to ensure compliance, sequencing and end to end integration.
  • Similarly the Build Partners are licensed to participate on the PT Blink platform. Build Partners are provided with the opportunity to have market influence on the PT Blink manufacturing panel and buy into the prequalification requirements, under a collaborative process.
  • Through considered design development and inclusion of advanced BIM modelling and point cloud technology utilized by manufacturers onsite integration of components are capable of being individually tracked, catalogued and verified at every stage of transport, storage, delivery and onsite installation.
  • From high LOD BIM coordination between MEP Services, Façade, Internal Partitions, Stairs, Lifts and moreonsite installation is verified by a ‘digital twin’. This provides integrators with the ability to view the coordinated 3D modelling in 1-1 scale, in real-time, onsite.
  • A PT Blink “Fitness Centre” provides a practical R&D Centre for testing product coordination and physical connections. Samples are ironed out for install coordination long before they arrive on site.
  • Installation timeframes are dramatically decreased due to 4D simulations. These accurately model the project spend and installation programme with the 3D model. Integrators get to live the installation, down to the nut & bolt, in virtual prior to any manufacturing. This allows for qualitative assessments and onsite risk assessment.
  • An open and transparent communication platform between manufacturer, designer and integrator ensures collaboration.

Complete and Current Projects 


Spring Hill, Brisbane

Construction time reduced from 16 to 11 months.

300 George St, Brisbane
Mezzanine level

Constructed while ground level operated

Auckland Airport
Multi Story Carpark

Pre contract engagement, NZ$210m

Ferrari Showroom, Brisbane
Mezzanine level

Constructed while ground level operated

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